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Local Weather Quick Links (Other Areas HERE)

Air Sports - FORBES

Blastvalve LAMP - FORBES


Carlton - FORBES


Observations - FORBES

NWS Planner

Air Sports - BILLARD

Blastvalve LAMP - BILLARD


Carlton - BILLARD


Observations - BILLARD

NWS Maps

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Weather Links

DUATS on the Web  -  Get your official, FAA certified briefing online rather than calling 1-800-WXBRIEF.

NWS Topeka's Balloon Forecast - Developed for us by our friends at the local forecast office (THANKS A LOT!!)    *info

Air Sports  -  KFOE  -  KTOP  - Detailed aviation minded local 3 day weather forecast page.

Blastvalve  -  KFOE  -  KTOP  -  Layout and information similar to Air Sports, made for balloonists, by balloonists.

Blastvalve LAMP  -  KFOE  -  KTOP  -  Localized Aviation MOS Program hour by hour forecast for the next 25 hours.

Weather Underground  -  KFOE  -  KTOP  -  Current conditions, 7 day forecasts and access to PWS reports all over the city.

Ryan Carlton  -  KFOE  -  KTOP  -  Detailed 5 hour temperature, wind direction, and wind speed forecast.

BFA RUC Winds - KFOE - KTOP - Detailed 5 hour temperature, wind direction and wind speed forecast.

NWS Observations  -  KFOE  -  KTOP  -  Hourly weather observations for the last 3 days.

NWS Activity Planner  -  Graphical 7 day forecast with editable inputs, click on the chart for the tubular display.

NWS Maps  - Portal to NOAA's national maps and regional information.

NWS Graphical Forecast  -  Usually updated every hour, interactive graphical weather forecast.

Intellicast  -  Detailed hourly weather forecasts and current conditions.

The Weather Channel  -  Local weather observations, conditions, and forecasts provided by TWC.


Sectional, Airspace, & Map Links

SkyVector - Shows current weather conditions for airports along with detailed sectional charts.

Avn WX - Shows current weather conditions for airports and other weather stations.

Lloyd Bailey - State by state 3D views of airspace in Google Earth.

Continuing Education


Balloon Flying Handbook (FAA)

BFA Weather - Sources and information

Cloud Types

PilotFriend  - Tips for reading sectional charts



IMC Balloon Agency

The Schantz Agency

Forms & Reference Materials


NTSB Form 6120.1  -  Pilot/Operator Aircraft Accident/Incident Report

NASA Form ARC 277B  -  When and why should you use this form?  Find out HERE

Balloon Rides