Michael & Josie Scott

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Cheshire Cat     Doc's Delight

Spirit in the Sky

Spirit in De Skies

Michael began ballooning with his parents in 1987 in Oklahoma, and his wife Josie got her start in Missouri in 1989.  He and Josie met at the 1995 Wake Up to Missouri US Nationals in Columbia, MO where Josie and her father Joe were assigned as crew to Michael and his family.  They were married in 1999 and are always accompanied on their travels with their long haired dachshund Ladybug

Michael is a Commercial Pilot with over 1400 hours as PIC.  The Scotts own and operate Flying High Balloon Services, LLC - a FAA certified balloon repair station..  Michael is also a dealer for FireFly Balloons and is often recruited to travel to North Carolina to assist with the construction of new balloons.

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