Jeromie Rose

Topeka, Kansas

One Love & Mindless Entertainment

Finally fulfilling a childhood dream, Jeromie designed and took delivery of his Cameron Concept C-80 “One Love” in September of 2010 and bought a second “Demo” balloon “Mindless Entertainment” in May of 2011. He passed his written exam in March of 2011 and earned his Private Pilot Certificate in November of 2011 and attained his Commercial Pilot rating in July of 2015.. Jeromie is a member of the Balloon Federation of America and has served as an Executive Officer for the Great Plains Balloon Club of Topeka.

Jeromie had been actively involved with the sport of Hot-air-ballooning in the Topeka area since the early 90’s but; has been chasing balloons as far back as he can remember. Unlike many other pilots, He did not grow up around the sport of Hot-air-ballooning; instead, always watched from a distance with an unexplained fascination for balloon flight.

From the days of chasing balloons on his bicycle to now owning his own balloons, Jeromie has worked very hard making his childhood dreams a reality.

Jeromie works for the Kansas Department of Revenue and enjoys getting his friends, family and enthusiasts alike involved with the unique sport of Ballooning.

With his enthusiasm for the sport, you will be sure to see a lot of him in the future! 

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