Brian & Lori Hutchinson

Bonner Springs, Kansas

Breaking Dawn & Dream Shadows

Breaking Dawn is owned by Brian and Lori Hutchinson of Bonner Springs, Kansas. She is a 1997 Balloon Works 7b and is one of the two balloons owned by Brian and Lori.

Lori earned her Private Pilotís License in September of 2011..and then went on to earn her Commercial Pilotís License in August of 2013.  Brian currently has his student pilotís license. Lori is a second generation pilot. Her Dad was a Private Pilot in the 80ís and early 90ís and flew a balloon named Dream Shadows.  

Brian and Lori try to split time flying locally with some other pilots in the Kansas City area, as well as flying in Topeka with other fellow pilots in the Great Plains Balloon Club. 

You will find Brian and Lori out with their family and friends as crew as well as their two youngest children Colton and Cydney.

Brian and Lori are also the owners of Dream Shadows... the balloon that her Dad used to fly. Dream Shadows is used as a demo balloon and still brings smiles and excitement to those of all ages

Brian and Lori enjoy the many people they come to meet in the Ballooning World as well as sharing the sport of hot air ballooning with others.

Gentle breezes and soft landings.

-Brian and Lori Hutchinson-


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