Daniel Sheehy & Danielle Brouillet

Topeka, Kansas



Dan and Danielle purchased their balloon in March of 2014.  They both have their fixed wing ratings, enjoy flying together, and are currently working on their LTA ratings.

Danielle is a second generation pilot and was fortunate enough to grow up around ballooning.  Dan was introduced to it all as a spectator at the Huff 'n Puff in 1992.  He got his first up close and personal experience in the summer of 2013 while picking up Danielle's father's new balloon from the Lindstrand factory and has been hooked ever since.

'The Dans' met while working for an airline based out of Chicago.  He was born and raised in Topeka, and she in Kankakee, Illinois.  Dan works as a First Officer based out of MCI with over 4,000 hours of flight time and Danielle works at Kansas Air Center at Philip Billard Airport.

Balloon Rides